Mindful Me visited Khayalitsha in 2016

We were lucky enough to offer a Mindful Me lesson in partnership with The Earthchild Project in 2016 and look forward to that possibility again this year. It was during a holiday camp designed to give the kids in the township something to do while they were on a break from their school.

The Earthchild Project currently offers a weekly yoga class to students and so some breathwork, meditation and mindfulness wasn’t that strange for them.

We practiced alternate nostril breathing, some silent meditation and a mindfulness exercise where we imagined how it would feel to achieve something that they really wanted to achieve. The smiles that appeared on the faces of the children as they imagined achieving a dream and how it would feel told me that the exercise was working.

We then closed the session with some relaxation, ie: lying in savasana or corpse pose and completing a rotation of awareness of the whole body.