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Place your order for your Mindful Me booklet of techniques and receive your 42 page booklet full of guidance on how to practice breathwork, meditation and mindfulness, correct sitting posture, relevant articles and a colour-in mandala.

Cost: R135.00 : R110 each plus postage to anywhere in SA @ R25.00. For orders of more than one booklet, add a total of R50 for postage. cover for advertising

Email  your order to with your order and proof of payment. Banking details are: SV Roy, First National Bank, Acc no: 62559811859, Branch code: 254 005




The booklet includes:

  • Glossary of termsinside 3
  • Note from the Author
  • Correct sitting posture
  • Article: Breathing And Your Brain: Five Reasons To Grab The Controls by David Di Salvo

Breathing techniques

1. Alternate Nostril breathing
2. Ujjayi breathing
3. Kapalabhati or Skull Shining breath
4. Bee breath
5. Dandelion breath
6. Belly breath

  • Article: Why meditative practices create wellbeing
    in our bodies and minds

Mindfulness techniquesinside 2
1. Mindfulness of breathing
2. Mindfulness of body
3. Mindfulness of pain in the body and mind
4. Mindfulness of gratitude

1. Candle gazing
2. Heart Breathing
3. Loving Kindness meditation
4. Zen meditation

Here is an extract from the “Note from the Author”

inside 1“This little booklet has been designed to give you some ideas and practices for breathing, mindfulness and meditation techniques, with the wish that you will discover for yourself why meditation and breathwork are so important. I want you to fall in love with the feeling that you feel when you breathe deeply and sit in silence. I want you to know the peace and tranquility that these practices can bring to you and your life experience.

Expect to be able to deal with difficult situations more easily. Expect to be able to choose what is best for you and those around you with less confusion or upset. Expect to be able to move through your day, more awake and aware after practicing the breathing exercises and one of the mindfulness techniques in the morning. Expect to sleep more peacefully when breathing yourself to sleep. And then drop all expectations and just notice what shows up in your life and your relating with others.”



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