I started researching Mindfulness in schools and what teachers are doing in the United Kingdom in 2015 when I noticed that the UK parliament had passed an all party bill called “Mindful UK”.  I knew what meditation and mindfulness could do for a person. Their aim is to promote mindfulness in schools and within National Health programmes across the UK and they are putting millions of pounds worth of budget aside to care for this. And how amazing is that!

I had a 15 year long meditation practice and have been attending courses and retreats for some time and simply put, this love for meditation combined with the experience I have gained teaching children’s yoga for the last three years, led me to wish for it for children growing up in such busy times here in SA. I know what a difference it would have made to my own development if I had learned the techniques I know now, early on.

And so it is. I developed Mindful Me, a programme that delivers 30 minute lessons of breathwork, meditation and mindfulness techniques for calm in two implementation models for schools. The first gets the whole school involved making Mindful Me lessons part of the school day/curriculum and the second offers the programme content as an extra mural after school.

I also want to develop community Mindful Me sessions at a later stage so that parent’s can reap the benefits of the programme alongside their kids.

The following provide more information on what is happening overseas FYI.

Video re Mindfulness in schools BBC breakfast show – https://vimeo.com/145644765