Highlights from My Montessori Eco School this past term

The focus of this term’s Mindful Me lessons at My Montessori was Bee breathing or Brahmiri, mindful eating and a new affirming song: “I am Brave, I am Bold, My own spirit, I can hold” from Shakta Kalsa, a kundalini yoga teacher.

Bhramari Pranayama Stage-2The bee breathing was great fun and so good for the kids. We started out by first making the sound of the bee with our mouths open and with our teeth together and then we made the sound while holding our mouths closed.

The vibration that this practice sets up in your head and throat is very noticeable and the kids commented on it easily. We then blocked our ears and closed our eyes ( or tried to close our eyes) and made the humming sound again with a closed mouth a few times. Breathing in first and then humming on the out breath till our breath was finished and we had to breathe in again. I asked them if they noticed that even though they are making a noise with their outside voices if they noticed that they were quiet on the inside. The blocking of the ears and closing of the eyes and the humming vibration creates a kind of cocoon for the mind and it becomes completely calm and still. And as such so does the spirit.

We did some silent sitting then as we will always do in every Mindful Me session When-eating-eatfollowed by a mindful eating practice. I brought a different food item each week to keep it interesting and had the children use each of their senses with the item before they were allowed to put it into their mouths to first taste by rolling around their mouths, then chew, then swallow. What a wonderful experience. The first thing we did was dried cranberries – WOW – what flavour burst from them when at last we bit into them. I also made sure to ask the children if they noticed anything happening in their mouths when they smelled the item each week, and they noticed the subtle watering of the mouth and tasting of the item on their tongues. A Wonderful Wonderful mindful practice. One of the students actually began to practice mindful eating at home with his Dad I was told and a few of the teacher’s commented on how the practice had also affected their lives.

Then, after some state changers, we moved on to singing our song, I am Brave…. for the term before closing with Namaste. Magic



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