Skull Shining Breath

This breathing technique is very good for strengthening your core muscles as well as fanning the digestive fire and helping to eliminate toxins. (Do not practice if you have high blood pressure.)

Start by sitting in a comfortable cross legged position, hands resting on the knees. Breathe in and then pull in your tummy muscles fast forcing the air from the belly. Just pull the navel toward the spine as far as you can. Then slowly breathe in whilst relaxing the tummy muscles, feel the lungs fill. And repeat. You will notice that the inhalation happens on it’s own. Repeat either 12, 24 or 36 more times depending on how you feel.

Relax afterwards and just gently notice the subtle sensations in the body.


The benefits:

1. Effective in reducing weight by increasing the metabolic rate
2. Clears the nadis (subtle energy channels)
3. Stimulates abdominal organs and thus is extremely useful to those with diabetes
4. Improves blood circulation
5. Improves digestive tract functioning, absorption and assimilation of nutrients
6. Results in a taut and trimmed down belly
7. Energizes the nervous system and rejuvenates brain cells
8. Calms and uplifts the mind


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