Dandelion breathing technique

Dandelion breath is practiced by sitting in a comfortable cross legged position, taking a normal breath into the lungs and then blowing out the air in short puffs as if blowing the seeds from a dandelion.

Break up the exhalation into small puffs. Do not inhale after each puff. It is one exhalation that is broken into many puffs until the lungs are empty. When the lungs are empty inhale smoothly and repeat. It enhances breath control and helps to extend the exhalation.

You can repeat this 6 times before taking a break and breathing normally and then repeating the practice. Do not do this for more than 3 or 4 rounds at one sitting.

Benefits of Dandelion breath:

  • It helps to extend the length of the exhalation, making it deeper and bringing about a deeper sense of calm.
  • Control of the breath.

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